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InvoiceInfo Supplier Compliance

InvoiceInfo Compliance takes the complexity and headaches out of validating and managing new suppliers.

Now, you can have your vendors complete and submit their W-9’s and W-8s online and let us validate your new vendors for you. Once a W-8 or W-9 is submitted online, InvoiceInfo Compliance automatically does a TIN check to verify that the social security or employer ID number, name and address provided match the Internal Revenue Service files. In addition, that information is also checked against 22 additional databases including OFAC/SDN lists.

Once validated, you will receive a notice that the W-8 or W-9 has been received and if it is accurate or if there are problems with some of the data that need to be addressed. InvoiceInfo Compliance stores the forms where they are easily accessible to you when you need to reduce costs and paper while increasing productivity.

W-8s are valid for three years. Let InvoiceInfo track when they need to be renewed.


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